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WHAT we can do for you

There is nothing iLearnItEasy can't manage for you! And once set up, every part of your process is literally at your fingertips from one central dashboard. Students, tutors, courses, marking, standardisation... It's all here!

Manage Courses, Enrolments, Assignments and more!

Whether you run one course or 100, you can quickly and easily assign tutors to the study programmes.

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Monitor individual
student progress

Monitor student progress throughout their studies, as well as improve your record keeping by ensuring work is efficiently

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Automatic emails help to encourage student progression, and are a useful way to give and receive feedback on their courses.

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monitor your site traffic through site statistics

A suite of fully customisable reports tell you instantly how many students you have, and what stage they are at; how many assignments Tutor A marked yesterday; what your total sales were last week, and for what courses; what the average course completion rate is at any point in time... And much, much more...

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Select from a range of certificate templates

Setup templates for your own certificates or those of your awarding bodies/organisations, and have them automatically generated and printed when students complete their courses. Infinitely customisable.

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Create, monitor, moderate and participate (or not) in peer support forums for individual courses, your entire organisation, or specific faculties. Get as involved as much or as little as you wish in the discussions, and let the students take a big chunk of the headache out of support.

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Our customer says...

This is an interesting topic.Heis very excellent in his work. congratulation one more thing to be done, like if you could get data of interpersonal relationship of student-student , teacher-student, staff- teacher and some more will be batter.

John Clayton, UK

Hi! I have learned alot from your article and I'm looking forward to apply it with my children and in my class too, infact I am going to apply the prosess writing to my own writing as well.

John Clayton, UK

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